Andrea Rossi was born in Pavia, Italy, on 17/06/1970.

He started playing guitar at 17 years old and was self-taught.

Fascinated by the electric guitar in all of its rhythmic-musical expressions, he dedicated himself in the study and the research of techniques that brought him into experimenting with different styles and genres.

After having played in numerous bands in the area of Pavia, he was contacted by Yamaha Music Italy to demonstrate some of their products along with Nicola Fasini (nicknamed Faso of the band “Elio e le storie tese”) and Christian Meyer (also of “Elio e le storie tese”), an experience which brought along the decision of becoming a professional guitarist. Then the collaborations started with Roberto Aglieri (new age flute player), Guido Mazzon (jazz trumpet player), Umberto Petrin (jazz pianist) amongst others.

In the same period, the victory in various competitions such as best guitarist and song writer brought him into becoming a teacher at l’Istituto Civico musicale Vittadini, Pavia and directing his own orchestra which was made up of : 4 violins, 1 viola, 1 cello, 5 electric guitars, 1 bass, 1 piano and drums.

In 1995 he started the collaboration with the singer/song writer Oliviero Malespina with whom he undertook intense live activity and in the studio; in the same year together with the group Tutti Contri (a band which he formed) he established the Guinness Record of the primates of the world’s longest song, depriving Elio (12 hours) and taking the new record to 15 hours.

The continued studies and continued research into the guitar brings him into contact with the composer and producer Roberto Cacciapaglia with whom he faced a European theatre tour, an important experience in the maturing of the musician.

After having won other competitions such as arranger and writer, in ’97 he quit teaching in order to intensify his commitments both live and in the studio.

Currently he plays with the group Mister X with whom he performs an extremely intense live activity in some of the most important clubs in Italy (Alcatraz, Fillmore, Thunder Road etc..), around 15 – 16 gigs per month which can be found on the band’s web site:

He was then contacted by Color Sound (event organizing agency) in order to accompany Teo Teocoli in some shows with the band Mago Forrest.

The activity of arranger and composer is always intense together with the activity of demonstrating for various brands (Ibanez, Bulk, Parker etc..).

He is officially sponsored by Liutart ( ) for a new line of professional guitars and by Koch for a new line of professional amplifiers, distributed in Italy by E SOUND

Thanks to the collaboration with the Madera Management agency of Brescia ( , he released his first CD entitled “ANGELS” for P.M.R (Planet Music Recording). The new work “ANIMAL” is due for release, again on the PMR label, distributed by WHITE AND BLACK, Milan Italy, which will see the participation of Lorenzo Poli on bass and Marco Orsi on drums. Release date planned for May 2002, with the official presentation at the DISMA MUSIC SHOW 25/28 April 2002 tel 0302010948 fax 030-2000908 ask for PMR.

Now Andrea with a new sponsor ( FRAMUS: ) play in all site possible in Italy whit the Andrea Rossi Band.

He plaied all the guitars for Dian Katz’s new release (, where Andrea’ve write all the music and all arrangements.

2007, almost ready HUMANITY, new Andrea’s instrumental album with Matt Bissonette on bass and Gregg Bissonette on drum, also Dian Katz’s cd is coming with on bass: Matt Bissonette and Dario Seixas (Firehouse), on drum Gregg Bissonette and Derrik Pointier ( Great White ).

The new Andrea’s music is recorded half in Italy and Half in Los Angeles at the 7 eleven production in the center of Hollywood ( no comment about the traffic!!!!!!!!!! ).

Actually is an official member of the band called FRATELLO METALLO, where they played at the most important festivals metal like Gods Of Metal….

2008 October 26th…Andrea won as the Best Hard Rock Instrumental at the Star Music AWARDS in L.A. at the Music Box ( Hollywood CA )!!!!!!!

2010 out Spring Noise album: SPRING NOISE distribution all over the world by JMD Distribution ( )!!!

Andrea was called to play in Abu Dabi in UEA for the big event: the inauguration of Ferrari Park ( ).

This event was an world wide show, and Andrea was the only guitarist in a 50 elements orchestra!!!

2011 born the Andrea’s music school called Solo Musica ( ), new reality in Brescia about the way to explain the amazing world of the music.

2012 out Back to the beginning new instrumental album distributed by JMD Distribution ( ), a kind of easy guitar play…a tribute for the early Andrea’s years.

X-Plosion, the new band, a rock power trio, new project, new music, stay tunes for the news ( )!!!!!!!

During those past years, Andrea played around everywhere, from LA al the Whysky a go go to Abu Dabi…through Europe and in his personal studio recording, where he started composing scores for movies and other!!!!!

Stay Tuned for News

September 2013, out the new album wit Gregg and Matt Bisonette!!!!

Thanks to all the musician and friends I’ve meet in my life! It’s been a pleasure and honor to play with you!!!