Spring Noise


the band

Spring Noise: Andrea Rossi and his brother Gabriele after years and years decide to make a dream band for having the possibility to tell and show at the people their music thought....musically talking.

With them: Cristina Castagnoli at the voice and Andrea Bacchio at the bass guitar.

Spring Noise is a friends band, infact all the musicians are Friends from many years and for this the complicity, the mood, the energy, the love are the bones of the Spring Noise band!!!!

We can show the musicians’s biography, but this is a band, a new band, with a old live experiences and own soul build in many years of notes and songs.

Spring Noise: the sound of the Spring ( hope, colors, life... ) and the Noise of the old analogic amp’s reverb but mixed with new sound.

The first studio work: Spring Noise is distribuited by JMD distribution, produced by Andrea and Gabriele Rossi, music by Andrea Rossi, words by Dian Katz, arranged by Andrea Rossi, mixed by Gabriele Rossi, executive production by 4Draw of Gabriele Rossi.

The band is an “on the raod band”, they reach the maximum level on stage with an hight energy music level....try to believe ....

Cristina Castagnoli: voice

Andrea Bacchio: bass and backing vocals

Gabriele Rossi: drums and percussions

Andrea Rossi: guitars and backing vocals